Mexia Holdings Inc.

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Mexia Holdings Inc. is a minority certified oil and gas services company based in Ft. Worth, Texas offering products and services to governments, corporations, municipalities, and  institutions. Mexia Holdings, its contractors, and employees are committed to providing its clients and customers with socially responsible, high quality, next generation oil and gas products and services from industry leading suppliers and partners. The company, its advisors, and partners bring decades of oil and gas experience, as well as a focus on integrity, commitment, and excellence in customer service.

Mexia Holdings was formed by seasoned industry professionals to become the world’s largest minority certified oil and gas services company in the world. Through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, Mexia has the ability to facilitate and meet many needs within the industry. While fulfilling the minority requirements many companies have today, Mexia’s vast array of products and services can compliment any company.

Mexia Holdings, Inc. has a specific focus on being a next generation oil and gas services company by focusing its efforts on eco-friendly methods in products and services through its operating companies and divisions. While employing eco-friendly methods and utilizing new media, Mexia Holdings strives to become active members within the communities which it operates. What Can We Do for You?

Mexia Holdings Inc. (MHI) is a MBE certified minority owned and operated, next generation energy services company based in Fort Worth, Texas serving the Oil & Gas industry with drilling rigs & crews, safety training, consulting & supplies and natural gas sales & marketing services. MHI operates at the local level serving cities, counties, municipalities and industrial customers. On the National and International level MHI is exporting products and services to governments, corporations, & institutions worldwide. The company operates through three operating divisions: 1. Mexia Holdings E & P services 2. MHI-Safety™ and 3. FreeStone Natural Gas Solutions™. Mexia Holdings is seeking long term business relationships with large scale entities seeking a reliable, scalable, quality minority partner. We would like  to work with you contact us at

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